Pothole problems show up early in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Northampton’s Department of Public Works blames the mild winter for the potholes that developed on a busy street. Highway superintendent Richard Parasilito told 22News that the fluctuation of temperatures resulting in warm days and cold nights, as well as a lot of rain have created what he called “a miniature spring,” accounting for the potholes along Bridge Road.

Michael Gormely of Northampton said he knew something wasn’t right. “I’m aware of the ones on Bridge Road,” he said. “I hit a couple of mean ones. We can hope this will be easy patching”

Fortunately for drivers on Bridge Road, the Northampton DPW doesn’t have to wait until spring to fill the potholes. Parasalito’s department mixes its own “hot patch,” the material closest to a permanent pothole filler.

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