Movie ticket prices hit a new high

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – The average price for a movie ticket in America is $8.50, up 37 cents from last year, but at Agawam Cinemas, the top price is $7, and matinees are only $6.

Owner Kimberly Wheeler she said movie theaters could never survive charging the exorbitant prices people pay to attend rock concerts or Broadway plays. “We have to keep the prices low,” she explained, “or no one with be able to afford to go”

Moviegoers like Linda Cune told 22News they can live with prices that mainly reflect the cost of running the theaters, heat, electricity and personnel. “That’s why I’m here,” she explained. “There’s enough ugliness out there. I just want to get away from it all for awhile.”

Wheeler explained that 90 percent of their profits aren’t from ticket purchases, but from sales at the concession stand, which is why theater owners insist moviegoers don’t bring in food from the outside. As for the movie companies, they have no say in what’s being charged for a ticket.

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