Westfield man arrested for keeping a ‘house of ill fame’

WESTFIELD, Mass. (THE WESTFIELD NEWS) – A city man has been charged with maintaining a house of prostitution after allowing a known prostitute to reside with him and conduct “business” on the premises.

Kenneth R. McCoubrey, 59, was released on his personal recognizance after being arraigned in Westfield District Court on Wednesday. McCoubrey owns and resides at 211 Little River Road with Danielle Galloway.

Galloway, 37, was arrested in November after taking $180 in cash from an undercover officer in exchange for sex at this address. Westfield police detectives had executed an anticipatory search warrant at 211 Little River Road on November 12 after an undercover officer responded to an ad found on backpage.com, according to court records.

McCoubrey told Det. Stephan Dickinson during an interview last month that the “back bedroom” is Galloway’s “workspace.” By McCoubrey’s “own admissions he was fully aware of Danielle Galloway having sex for a fee,” Dickinson wrote in his report. Even after Galloway’s arrest on charges of prostitution, McCoubrey allowed Galloway to use his cell phone number to place ads soliciting sex, Dickinson wrote.

McCoubrey allegedly told Dickinson he “allowed Danielle to continue selling sex for a fee because…she could not stop.”

Evidence found on McCoubrey’s cell phone and computer show that he “should have known, was aware and did not do anything to stop Danielle Galloway’s prostitution,” according to Dickinson’s statement of facts.

On October 10, McCoubrey had called police because two men, presumably Galloway’s “customers,” refused to leave and used the police to escort them off the property.

Galloway is facing charges of possession of Class A drug, to wit: heroin (10 bags), sexual conduct for fee and possession of Class B drug, to wit: crack cocaine, according to police logs.

Massachusetts law Chapter 272, Section 24 states: “Whoever keeps a house of ill fame which is resorted to for prostitution or lewdness shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than two years,” according to malegislature.gov.

McCoubrey is due back in court on March 11.

Staff Writer Christine Charnosky can be reached at christinec@thewestfieldnewsgroup.com

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