Surveillance camera catches failed robbery attempt

Police are still looking for a suspect

(CNN) – A store shoot-out caught on surveillance video.

A suspected thief walked into the store, owned by an elderly couple, and pulled out a gun. What he didn’t know, the owners were packing heat too.

Sone Maniphonh operates a convenience store that is only two aisles wide. But she is a mainstay of the neighborhood…and she is willing to fight to protect her property.

Surveillance video from the afternoon of January 4th shows a black male pulling a gun, and then firing at the 63-year-old woman after she points a hand gun at him.

Maniphonh says, “He say ‘give your money I say ‘okay I give you’. I walk back – my husband sit over there – I walk back. After he point gun to my husband, I have to turn to my gun. I grab my gun, I kill you too.”

It is clear from signs on the front door, the Asian market is protected by surveillance cameras. What the signs don’t say is that the owner packs a gun and is not afraid to use it if necessary. “They shoot over here, one here, one over here, but, I stand right here but I don’t know. Maybe God help me, but bullet fly out.”

The couple’s customers want to help find the suspect.

Customer and neighbor Carliss Moran says, “She’s a neighborhood store, she’s a convenience to us. I’m glad you guys are documenting this, because this needs to happen. We need more protection around here.”

The husband and wife are old enough to retire, but insist it is age, not fear that is prompting those thoughts.

Maniphonh says, “I’m scared, but I never go back. When they come, I have to fight back, I don’t give up.”

Police are still looking for a suspect.

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