Parents say cyberbully may be responsible for Conn. teen’s suicide

WESTPORT, Conn (WTNH) — Christopher Lanni was a fourteen-year-old student at Staples High School in Westport. His parents think there’s more behind his decision to commit suicide in December.

In an open letter to the superintendent, the parents, Peter Lanni and Cornelia Gallo, wrote, “Information has been brought to our attention that should not and cannot be ignored. Obviously it’s too late to impact Christopher’s life, but it’s not too late to help other kids in Westport who might be suffering or be at risk.”

His parents heard rumors that Christopher was cyber bullied by classmates. The letter went on; “We request a thorough, professional investigation of allegations that Christopher was being bullied at school and/or on social media platforms (i.e. Instagram) by his fellow Staples students.”

Westport Police took a second look at the case, but found no further evidence of.

“Nothing was revealed to indicate cyber-bully or any bullying for that matter,” said Westport Police Lt. David Farrell.

Police said they worked with the family and school system during their investigation, but they couldn’t determine where bullying allegations arose.

“I don’t know where they came from,” said Lt. Farrell. “I understand there’s some articles on the Internet and blogs. Nothing of evidentiary value.”

The superintendent of schools in Westport is Dr. Elliott Landon. He declined an on-camera interview, but released a very brief, one-sentence statement which reads in full,

“We have been (in) constant communication with the police department since Dec. 23, and have no further comment.”

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