Man convicted gets away after bathroom break

Defense Attorney: He could have gotten probation

(CNN) – Courtney Lyons is now a wanted man. On Friday, he was on trial for deadly conduct, accused of trying to shoot someone with a gun.

Minutes after the jury came back to court with a guilty verdict, he asked to use the restroom down the hall. The bailiffs allowed him to go unescorted and he never came back.

Defense Attorney Leed Richardson said, “I just think he’s just probably scared. I didn’t get any feeling that would happen at all. So it’s shocking to everyone.”

Richardson said he called Lyons family, but nobody knows where the 24-year-old is. He’s now considered a fugitive. He could have gotten probation in the case, but will now mostly likely end very differently.

“If you hear me, come on and turn yourself in because your life isn’t over. There’s still light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train,” said Richardson.

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