Couple fights off intruder with frying pan

Tew's wife ran to help her husband, and tossed him the frying pan.

Photo Courtesy: CNN/WTVD

(CNN/WTVD) – Sometimes a kitchen appliance can help fight off crime. At least it did for one North Carolina couple.

When a suspect broke into Glenn Tew’s house in Fayetteville, he and his wife fought back with what they could.

This is the frying pan Glenn Tew used to fight off an intruder.

“The fact that he would come in and invade my our home and just do the damage he had done, i said no one should have to put up with that kind of mess.”

It was just before midnight, when Tew went to check on a noise in his den, and confronted this guy. 21 year old Sheldon Dix as he broke thru a glass door.

“I hollered at him and he proceeded to come charging at me trying to knock me out, and we kinda locked horns and fell on the floor,” said Tew.

Tew’s wife ran to help her husband, and tossed him the frying pan.

“I think she hit him with a metal trash can a couple of times, and then once i got the frying pan i proceeded to given him a good dose of that!,” said Tew.

Police say just minutes before the break-in, Sheldon Dix savagely attacked a mother who was waiting in her car, at a nearby church parking lot.

They say when an elderly man tried to intervene, Dix started beating him.

Lt. Tim Tew of the Fayetteville police told WTVD, “The victim in the car happened to be a concealed permit holder she had a legal right, she retrieved her firearm and fired off two rounds. The suspect was last seen running across the parking lot.”

And straight into a fight, he never expected.

“The bottom is a little messed up, but I expect I can hammer it back down,” said Tew.

Authorities say Dix is in police custody and under evaluation. He’s facing numerous charges.

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