Survey: 64% say they do not use the same numbers when playing the lottery

Nobody won Wednesday night's jackpot. It was the 18th drawing without a winner.

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HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – The Powerball jackpot has skyrocketed to $800-million, the largest jackpot on record.

Habit and superstition, some people believe it plays a big role in their chances of getting lady luck on their side.

People were lining up at the Cumberland Farms in Hadley buying Powerball tickets. According to a new Cumberland Farms survey on the habits of people who play the lottery, 64% says they rarely use the same numbers.

Many of the people we saw were getting the randomly generated quick picks, but not Carolynne Johnson. She’s one of the 38% who chooses their numbers based off of significant birthdays. “I’ve always gone with my birth date, which is my grandfather’s birthday as well. I get this weird feeling, and it’s only once in a while that I’ll be like oh I have to play. Whether it’s a scratch ticket or Powerball and usually those feeling I do end up winning,” said Johnson

The survey also found that nearly half of all people would first tell their significant other that they hit the jackpot, while 10% confessed they’d call their lawyer.

Nobody won Wednesday night’s jackpot. It was the 18th drawing without a winner.

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