Stab-proof vest demonstration goes wrong

(CNN) – After a spate of attacks on Israeli streets targeting not only soldiers but civilians too, one company came up with an idea to allow people to feel safe going about their everyday lives, lightweight and discreet protective clothing.

What you see is something very thin and flexible.  Very light and it is possible to get to a high level of protection and its advantage is that you can also use it,

Not only for the army and the police but also for the civilian market.  They went on national television to demonstrate with a television reporter.

Officer: “This is a commando knife. It is used by soldiers around the world. It is a serious knife made of iron and steel. I will stab you as an experiment, with your permission?”

Reporter: “You are going to stab me in the back?”

Officer: “I am going to stab you and if something happens, I’ll deal with you.”

A quick, jokey goodbye to his girlfriend and the demo begins.

Officer: “Did I miss?”

Reporter: “I think so”

Officer: “One second.”

The reporter was in fact stabbed in the back, receiving a surface wound that needed stitches

Interviewed later, the reporter was generous towards his inadvertent assailant.

“I have to say that the jacket you see on me in the picture is not a product of the shelf that has been finished properly. It’s not something that is to be sold. It is something put together to do the experiment,” said Eitam Lachover.

An earlier off-camera demonstration did work and all was okay in another taping on a different channel, but the company’s credibility did take a hit.

Still, a happy ending for that reporter, who said he won’t be volunteering to be a victim anytime soon again.

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