Resolve to be more mindful in 2016

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – All of our lives seem to be so hectic. We balance jobs, family, friends and so many of us end up feeling overwhelmed.
Clinical Psychologist Dr. Elaine Ducharme joined us to share more about being more mindful.

10 Basic components/Foundational attitudes

a. Curiosity
b. Kindness
c. Gratitude and generosity
d. Acceptance
e. Nonjudging
f. Nonstriving…being rather than doing
g. Letting go or letting be
h. Patience
i. Humor
j. Trust

Consequences of lacking awareness in the present moment

1. not aware of our mood..interpret things more negatively
2. not be aware of how desire and aversion influence how we respond to our environment…ex…Indian prophet…when a thief sees a saint all he sees is pockets
3. carry more tension without realizing it
4. Miss a lot of positive and pleasant moments
5. Miss critical information to make good decisions
6. hold on to unpleasant memories long after they are over

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