IRS admits error in letters being sent to taxpayers this month

IRS: "Identity Protection PIN" letters have wrong tax year listed.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– If you received a letter from the IRS dated January 4th, 2016 with you “Identity Protection PIN”, there is a mistake on that letter.

Tax attorney Paul Mancinone told 22News the letters with the PIN have the wrong tax year listed.

“A PIN is a number that is assigned by the IRS as a precaution for people who are filing tax returns who have been subject to identity theft in the past,” Mancinone explained.

The letters with the PINs list they are for the 2014 tax returns, but on the IRS website they list that as a mistake. The PINs are good for your 2015 tax returns, according to the IRS.

Mancinone also told 22News there are a few key things to remember about the IRS as we head into tax season to make sure you don’t get your identity or your refund stolen

Most important, the IRS will never call you, they will only contact you through the regular mail service. If someone does call you claiming to be from the IRS do NOT give them your personal information.

There are also several schemes that target residents through phishing emails. The IRS warns schemes tend to ramp up during tax season.

Tax season officially begins on Jan. 19th and ends April 18th for most states, but ends on April 19th here in Massachusetts.

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