Hoverboard sparks house fire

Watch the video to see the inside of the home

(KFOR) A charred wall with a hole in it, a burnt mattress and carpet that has been burnt to a crisp is what the Martinez family has to look at after they say their hoverboard caught fire as it was charging.

“It sounded like gun shots,” said Andrea Martinez. “When we seen the sparks go flying everywhere, I was sitting on the couch, and I seen it straight in here.”

Everyone in the Oklahoma City home rushed out expect for Andrea’s husband, who stayed behind to put the fire out.

A short time later, firefighters arrived.

When they told her the hoverboard caused the fire, Andrea was stunned.

“I really didn’t know what to think. We didn’t think it would be that,” Andrea said. “We heard about it, but we didn’t think it would ever happen.”

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