Flood victims warned of being targeted for schemes

It is illegal in Eureka to go door to door soliciting repair work

(CNN) – While volunteers offer comfort and some immediate aid at the Central Baptist Church in Eureka, authorities are warning flood victims they could fall prey to scheme artists looking for a quick buck.

It`s cleanup time at Joe Boccardi`s restaurant in the old part of Eureka. As family members worked to set up a temporary tent and food truck restaurant on the parking lot, a locally owned professional cleanup crew, Servpro is finishing the first stage of removing the debris and damaged equipment.

Mario Boccardi: “We know people in the drywall industry, do electrical work. next to us they do electrical contracting so that`s the route we`re going is using first local Eureka people that we know that can do the work and go from there.”

It is illegal in Eureka to go door to door soliciting repair work. But strangers have been seen in the residential areas doing just that.

Sue Leiber:  ‘He said we`re from the Occupational Safety Hazard. It was a little white car, midsized car no markings for a business or anything like that.”

Chief Mike Wiegand: “We would like to remind all affected persons in our community as well as others there are scammers that are going to take advantage out of this situation please do not be pressured into quick decisions that may cost you lots of money.”

The chief tells us some inspectors from the Federal Emergency Management Agency were in flood damaged neighborhoods Thursday looking at damage to the outside of homes.

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