Alpaca all the “Buzz” in Holyoke

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – You may not give a second look to a therapy animal in public, but what if that animal was an alpaca?

That was the case at one Holyoke shopping plaza Friday afternoon.  People were surprised to see a farm animal going in and out of stores at Holyoke Crossing, including Men’s Wearhouse and Barnes and Noble.

22News caught up with the handlers, who are from Spruce Hollow Farms in Holyoke. Peter Kurowski and Lauren Bardsley introduced us to “Buzz” the Alpaca.  They’re hoping to one day certify him as a therapy animal.

Kurowski told 22News, “He’s a superb animal, he’s very friendly with people. And I saw an opportunity to help people in the hospital.”

He said Friday’s trip to the shopping plaza was to help acclimate Buzz with the public.

buzz the alpaca.jpg
Image Sent to 22News via Report It

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