Toddler hospitalized after swallowing nine magnets

The two-year-old girl is in intensive care, but expected to make a full recovery

(CNN) – Her name is Ava, a sweet active two year old, who was curious and something on the refrigerator caught her eye; small silver pellets, magnets.

Lexi Kendall, Ava’s mother, said, “She couldn’t get up that high, so little did we know, she could.”

From a happy toddler the week of Christmas, to intensive care, Ava was in severe pain. A scan revealed nine of the magnets were stuck to each other inside her.

Kendall said, “It created holes all in her intestines. They had to stitch up some, the others they left to heal on their own.”

Ava is still in intensive care, but she is improving. In all this, her mother says good to come out of this is for other parents to hear a warning.

“If you have magnets, get them away. Up on top of a refrigerator or bookshelf isn’t enough,” said Kendall.

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