Temperatures dipped below zero in Berkshire County

Average low temperatures for this time are usually in the teens.

WINDSOR, Mass. (WWLP) – For the first time this winter season, temperatures and wind chills across western Massachusetts actually felt seasonable.

Windsor recorded an official low temperature Tuesday morning of -2 degrees, while low temperatures in Stamford and Adams, Mass. both hit -1 degrees. Other parts of Berkshire County were just barely above zero.

A northerly wind brought down all the Arctic air to western Massachusetts, making temperatures feel even cooler.

“Feel-like” temperatures are when you combine the actual temperature and the winds. Though the winds were light from the north Tuesday morning, they certainly had an impact on the morning’s “Feel-like” temperatures.

To put this into perspective, our average high temperature at this time is in the lower 30’s and our average low temperatures is in the teens. So, temperatures were below average Tuesday.

A warming trend will begin Wednesday as we get ready to head into the 40’s.



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