Car seats, layers and frost bite: Keeping kids safe in frigid weather

HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Catching the bus, the 5-year-old Foley twins only had one word to describe the air.

“Cold,” said Ned Foley. “Cold,” echoed Finn Foley.

If you forgot you lived in New England, their mother will remind you what you need.

“Hats, gloves boots, warm socks…layers lots of layers,” said Shannan Foley. Foley said the cold blast couldn’t keep them from walking to the bus stop. “We’re tough we’re from Hamden.”

Doctors say for the really little ones, add one more layer.

“For babies, try to add one extra layer of clothing than what you would be comfortable with. Because babies are going to get colder faster, make sure that they get their one extra layer,” said Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Pediatric ER Specialist said Dr. James Dodington.

Once they’re in the warm car, doctors say get rid of that heavy jacket.

“The important thing is to take that coat off when they’re in the car seat to make sure that it’s nice and snug against the child’s body,” said Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Pediatric ER Physician, Dr. Paul Aronson.

Doctors also say keep kids away from any open water this time of year like uncovered pools, lakes, and ponds are aren’t frozen over yet.

“The biggest danger are those kinds of accidents the more extreme things,” said Dr. Dodington.

They haven’t seen any cases of winter weather injuries in the ER yet, but doctors say if you do see frost bite, use warm water.

Dr. Aronson said, “If you suspect frost bite, besides seeking medical care. Do not rub it. That can actually increase damage. So if you do see frost bite, seek medical care, use warm water, but do not rub the extremity.”

Doctors say they’ve seem more cases of flu lately. So right now, they recommend getting your flu shot.

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