Mind-blowing tech revealed by Samsung

Samsung has three projects in the works

(CNN) – You can expect new gadgets and gizmos at the biggest tech show in the world.

In just a few days self-proclaimed geeks and nerds will descend onto Sin City for the Consumer Electronics Show. Some of the largest names in the tech world will showcase their shiny new gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Drones dominated last year’s event, as did cool cars. This year, expect more drool worthy inventions and mind blowing tech. The tech watchers at Engadget predict new TV technology will be unveiled.

Big names like LG, Sony, and Sharp are forecasted to tout new ways to make your TV watching better. However, at least one company is jumping the gun and giving us a look at what it will show off.

Samsung has three projects from its super-secret creative lab that may someday change your life.

The first is the “Welt.” It’s the next generation of wearable technology. It looks like a typical belt, but hidden inside there is so-called smart sensor technology that can track your health. Like recording waist size, eating habits, steps, and even time you spend sitting down.

Second, a “Rink.” It’s a hand-motion controller for those who like to play in virtual reality.

And the last project is a little harder to see. It’s a watch strap called “Tiptalk” and it lets you hear your smartphone without headphones. All you have to do is touch your ear, and voila. Calls, videos and anything else you play can be heard in your ear without pesky headphone chords.

Don’t expect to find these things on store shelves anytime soon. Samsung says the projects are still in the development phases. However, we’ll be able to see these prototypes and other eye-popping technology at the CES.

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