Man accused of shooting at Connecticut mosque due in court

Ted Hakey, Jr. has been held without bail since shooting

MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH)– The man accused of shooting at a mosque in Meriden, Connecticut returns to court Monday.

Ted Hakey, Jr. is charged with a federal hate crime in the case, and has been held in jail without bail. Prosecutors argued that he’s too dangerous to be released, but Monday, his lawyer is expected to address those claims.

The last time Ted Hakey Jr. was in New Haven federal court, prosecutors read a bunch of his Facebook posts that seemed to indicate he thought all Muslims were terrorists, but leaders of that Meriden mosque say firing several bullets into their prayer room was the real terrorist act.

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That happened back in November, just hours after the terror attacks in Paris. Hakey admits going into his backyard, firing off two different guns, and sending several rounds into the Baitul Aman mosque next door. Hakey told investigators he was aiming for a woodpile and missed, but then they looked into his Facebook posts and found all the hateful and threatening statements about Muslims.

Leaders of that mosque invited News 8 to early morning prayers on Friday and said they wish they had done more to talk to neighbors like Hakey.

“If we had, perhaps, done a better job of reaching out, we would have, or we could have, potentially, changed his viewpoint,” said Hamid Malik, Ahmidiyya Regional Imam.

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They are doing more now, inviting the whole community to come to Friday afternoon services. They say Hakey himself is welcome to come to the mosque, if he ever gets out of jail. Prosecutors say he is too dangerous to be allowed out on bail. A hearing to determine that started two weeks ago Monday.

Hakey’s attorney asked to postpone his part of the hearing for a week because he wasn’t ready. That then got postponed another week, which brought us to Monday. That hearing scheduled to resume later.

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