Eversource offers a new rate comparison tool

You can shop for different electric suppliers without being charged

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Over the years, the cost of electricity has been consistently on the rise in Massachusetts. Bills keep growing, despite residents doing whatever they can to keep costs down.

Carlos Valdes of West Springfield told 22News, “I unplug everything if I’m not using it. Turn the lights off before you leave. Don’t leave anything on. It saves you a lot.”

There are other ways you can save. The state passed a law that now allows you to shop for different electric suppliers without being charged a fee.

Eversource actually has a new tool where you can compare your current supply rate, with competitor offers. You enter how much electricity you use a month, your current Eversource rate, and the offer from another supplier to see how much you can save.

It’s an important tool that could help many families. Val Bak of Springfield said, “If you can’t pay for your electricity, you can’t pay to go to Big Y and get the food you need. So it makes an impact all around.”

You can switch suppliers, and your provider will still continue to deliver your electricity at the same rate. The supply rate and delivery rate are separate; each one makes up about half your total bill.

Click Here for the price comparison tool, and see if some of those supply rate offers you’ve gotten can actually save you money.

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