CT Senator spends hours tweeting each of 300+ mass shootings

The Senator’s Twitter statement was upsetting to some

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), spent hours on Twitter for New Year’s Eve documenting every mass shooting in chronological order that took place during 2015.

“Fact is, we had a mass shooting more than once a day on average over 2015,” Murphy said. “And I don’t want people to forget that.”

For the next several hours, Murphy went on a Twitter tirade. He mentioned all 372 mass shootings, defined by the website ShootingTracker.com, as four or more people shot in one incident.



One from November read; “Blood on the 22nd – 5 shot in Seattle, 5 in Newburgh, NY, 4 in Chicago, 4 in Brownsville, TX, and my god – 17 in New Orleans.”

Another that made national headlines read; “On the 27th, a gunman walks into a Planned Parenthood clinic and kills 3 and injures 9. 4 more are shot in Sacramento.”

Murphy was making a political statement with every tweet, saying the country has grown too accustomed to the carnage.

“That shouldn’t be normal. It should be outrageous,” Murphy said. “And I want my colleagues in 2016 to commit and do something about it.”

Murphy concluded the list with this tweet; “My point? The New Year’s resolution of every Congressman and Senator should be to make sure 2016 is different.”

The Senator’s Twitter statement was upsetting to some. The president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League released a statement to News 8 that reads in part;

Americans want to be able to protect themselves from criminals, and the government is making it much harder for every day people to do so.

Gun control is once again a political headline in Washington, D.C. President Obama is expected to announce background checks for people who buy guns online and at gun shows.

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