Community plans funeral for toddler found dead on side of the road in Idaho

The toddler has not been identified

Twin Falls, ID (CNN) – An outpouring of community support following the tragic discovery of a newborn infant girl’s lifeless body, found inside a diaper bag along the side of the road in sub-freezing temperatures.

When Mike Parke heard the news that a deceased newborn was left on the side of the road in single-digit temperatures, he decided to take action.

He’s the owner of Parke’s Magic Valley Funeral Home on Kimberly Road in Twin Falls, and has offered to donate his services so that the community can gather together and send the infant girl to rest with a proper service.

The child, who has yet to be identified, was found by a Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Deputy, along Blue Lakes Boulevard south around 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

Sheriff’s deputies were so moved by the story, they believed the girl deserved a better name than baby Jane Doe.

They decided on the name “Angel Rose,” and were planning on setting up a fund for funeral services, until Parke decided to handle the memorial himself.

Mike Parke, owner of Parke’s Funeral Home, said: “When a person loses a child, the last thing they’re thinking about is buying a casket or an urn. They should be buying strollers and cribs. So we just feel that it’s important give back to our community, and always have. It’s nothing new.”

Rick Muse, owner of Twin Falls Cemetery, works closely with Parke and says he will be donating a burial plot when the time comes.

Memorial services may have to be put on hold for the time being, until toxicology results come in, and the investigation into the cause of death concludes.

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