Pet of the Week: Ginger & Polkadot

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Meet Mass Appeal’s pet of the week!

Dakin Humane Society
171 Union Street, Springfield
(413) 781-4000

163 Montague Road, Leverett
(413) 548 – 9898

  • Name:  Ginger
  • Breed:  Lionhead purebred rabbit
  • Age:    3 years old
  • Sex:     Female
  • Color:  Brown
  • Name:  Polkadot
  • Breed:  Lionhead purebred rabbit
  • Age:    3 years old
  • Sex:     Female
  • Color:  White/black

About Bunnies:

Ginger & Polkadot are 2 lionhead rabbits who are pair-bonded, so they need to go home together as a “2-Fur-1” adoption deal.  The timing couldn’t be better, because Dakin has cut rabbit adoption fees in half through January 10!  Here are some facts about rabbits:

Rabbits aren’t a good choice as a pet for a young child because they require delicate handling. Older children are better candidates to have rabbits as pets.


  • The main component of their diet is grass hay, so make sure it’s always available
  • Clean, fresh water should also be available 24/7
  • Feed your bunny fresh, leafy greens daily (ex: dark lettuces, turnip greens, collard greens and carrot tops)
  • Good quality rabbit pellet treats (18% fiber) are an ideal supplement for their diet


  • Always keep your rabbit indoors. It’s too harsh outside, weather-wise and regarding predators
  • Also, rabbits are highly social and enjoy family interaction
  • Don’t put rabbits in the same cage unless they’ve been spayed or neutered and they’ve been carefully introduced on neutral territory
  • The minimum recommended cage length for one rabbit is 3-4 feet, but bigger is better
  • Use a solid-bottom metal cage, dog crate or puppy pen. Wire-bottom cages will hurt their feet
  • Each day they should enjoy some supervised “free range” time outside their cage. Be careful that they can’t chew cords or encounter other hazards in this designated play area


  • Rabbits are prey animals and are nervous and timid by nature. Be patients with your new pet, they will need time to adjust.  Try hand-feeding them treats as a good way to bond initially.
  • Pick up your rabbit by supporting his forequarters with one hand and his hindquarters with the other. Handle him VERY gently, as an accidental drop can result in broken legs and back
  • Never pick them up by the ears or scruff




Hoppy New Year – We’ve extended our rabbit adoption savings through January 10!  We’re reducing the adoption fee for all rabbits by 50%!  You can find some bunny to love at either our Springfield or Leverett Adoption Centers.

Year-End Gift-Giving – Lots of people may be looking to make charitable donations before midnight (for tax purposes!) or may want to honor loved ones with donations at this time of year.  Providing a gift to Dakin Humane Society is a terrific way to honor people who love to help animals (or honor an animal, for that matter!).  Please visit, click on “Donate” and “Give in Honor or Memory” and you can make your gift online in just a couple of minutes.  We’ll send you a link to print out a notification to present to the honoree in time for the holidays!

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