How to manage adult acne

(CNN) – Fighting acne is not just a job for teenagers, adults often face the problem. But there are ways of fighting back.

We know many teenagers get acne, and it usually goes away with time. But for some, instead of getting better it gets worse when adulthood comes.

“Adult acne can be caused by a variety of things. Particularly in women, it’s related to changing hormonal levels, some of which can even be normal changes that effect the skin.”

“Stress tends to increase the production of hormones so we can get flare ups of acne. Heredity plays a role, medications can play a role, illness can play a role.”

Doctors recommend a variety of ways for anyone with acne to help keep their skin clear, including oral medications and topical creams.

“It is often difficult to prevent acne if it is something that you have all the factors there to create it. But avoidance of very oily products, choosing non-comedogenic products, eating a healthy diet, protecting from the sun can all really help reduce the risk of acne flares.”

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