Slippery morning commute throughout WMass

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Low temperatures and a wintry mix forced drivers to face a slippery morning commute Tuesday.

Traffic in West Springfield moved along okay during the earliest morning commuting hours, as many drivers kept speeds down.

Several MassDOT plows made their way along Route 5 in West Springfield, working to clear the icy mixture sticking to the roads.

During winter weather, Massachusetts State Police urge you to keep your distance between you and the other cars.  In conditions like the ones drivers are facing Tuesday, roads may look like bare pavement in places, but in many places, there are patches of ice, making it very tough to stop quickly.

On I-91, drivers are dealing with reduced travel lanes.  Speed limits are already reduced to 40 miles per hour there, but State Police warn posted speed limits signs are for when conditions are clear and roads are dry.  Drivers will need to slow down even more during slippery winter weather.

State Police told 22News that there were two minor accidents on I-91 before 7 A.M. Tuesday morning.  One was near exit 10 the other was near exit 14, but fortunately no injuries in either of those.

On the Massachusetts Turnpike the speed there has been reduced to 40 miles per hour from the New York/ Massachusetts state line to exit 9 in Sturbridge.

State police also urge that you keep windows, headlights, taillights, and the roof and hood of your vehicle clear of snow and ice.

Another warning from State police is to be sure to allow plows the right of way.   Give them plenty of room to safely do their job and don’t pass plows on the right.

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