Dance aerobics a good activity for seniors

(CNN) – For many of us, staying motivated to exercise is difficult. It’s especially hard for senior citizens. However, we found one class that helps keep seniors moving and grooving!

“To me this is fun this is not just working out. We have a community in this class, we care about each other,” said Gayle Kahn, 71 year old.

For nearly 40 years, Bobbie Elzey has taught fitness classes like this one, aimed at helping seniors stay active inside and outside the gym.

“You’re working on your balance, you’re working on coordination and you’re working on your stamina,” said Elzey.

Some of Bobbie’s students who struggle with health issues have found the workouts especially beneficial.

“I have high blood pressure and so it helps me to manage my high blood pressure. It stays very, very controllable that way by exercising, keeping balance, helping me with my focus,” said Joan Brown, a 67 year old.

“I was diagnosed with a Lymphoma this spring and I had a surgery around the chemotherapy. And I was really healthy and it really helped me get through that,” said Scott Russell, a 67 year old.

Bobbie says the key to success is keeping it simple, and changing up the routine.

“When they first come in it’s like oh I don’t think I can get this, and it’s like yes you can. I’m just going to be calling out the steps and eventually you’ll get it, and they do,” said Elzey.

It also keeps her students motivated!

“I would say find something fun, get off your butt and come out and do something,” said Gayle Kahn.

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