Caught on Camera: Hoverboard catches fire at mall

HUMBLE, Tex. (CNN) – A “hoverboard” two-wheel scooter exploded and caught fire in the middle of a crowded mall in Texas Monday, prompting an evacuation.

Just days after Christmas, there were a lot of shoppers there to witness it. And it was caught on camera.

Shocked shoppers pulled out their cellphones to record video as a Deerbrook Mall security guard used a fire extinguisher to put out a Hoverboard that went up in flames.

“Yeah everybody was just looking at it,” David Miller saw the aftermath. “You could see the stain on the floor that they were trying to buff out but they couldn’t buff it out,” said Miller.

Pictures show smoke filled the first floor of the mall and the Victoria’s Secret store just next door shut down for the night shortly after the fire. The board was one of several being sold by kiosk vendor excel toys and boards.

In a statement a mall spokesperson said: “This afternoon there was an incident with a hoverboard at Deerbrook Mall which resulted in a small fire that was quickly contained. As a precaution the Humble Fire Department responded. Thankfully there were no injuries or property damage. Deerbrook Mall remains open at this time.”

“We were just talking about it today, nobody’s trying to get those if they keep blowing up,” said a local resident.

Mall-goers questioned the safety of having the popular boards in the mall in the first place considering similar issues happening across the country.

“They’re just trying to sell it to you quick and easy and get you up out the mall so me personally I wouldn’t do it unless I know exactly what I’m doing with it,” said a local resident.

A family trying to get a refund on a 400-dollar hoverboard say the man who sold them the popular toy is nowhere to be found and hasn’t returned their calls. Meanwhile, Deerbrook Mall said it has not yet decided whether to continue to allow the sale of hoverboards in the mall.

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