13 trucks deployed in Springfield to treat roads on Tuesday

Each one of those plow trucks hold 10 to 12 tons of sand and salt

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – While drivers were out negotiating the slippery surfaces, the Springfield Department of Public Works was out treating the roads.

Because of school vacation, the DPW was competing with fewer cars and buses. Even with fewer cars on the roads, winter weather caused major issues for drivers Tuesday morning.

Trucks went out early in Springfield to try to prevent problems for drivers. The city deployed 13 trucks Tuesday, each one holding from 10 to 12 tons of sand and salt. Last winter the city of Springfield used 11,000 tons of salt to treat the roads in the city.

While the Salt and sand mixture does help melt Snow and ice on the roads, it’s doesn’t melt everything. The DPW is reminding drivers they still need to take it slow.

“Take your time, make sure you pay attention to what you’re doing. The roads are a little tough to get around but if you pay attention you should be all right,” said Vinnie DeSantis, Director of Operations at The Springfield Department Public Works.

Temperatures didn’t warm as much as expected. By mid-afternoon temperatures were only a couple degrees above freezing, and drivers were still having issues with slippery road surfaces.

“I guess this is the first snow fall of the year so I don’t know if everyone was expecting it but definitely there’s still a lot of ice on the parking lots and the roads,” said Arlene Iraola of Springfield.

Even though this was a fairly minor storm, it required each of those plow trucks to fill up with salt at least twice Tuesday.

This storm brought a wintry mix which is usually easier to get off the roads because of the rain that followed.

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