Post-Christmas shoppers come back for more

Some people are even shopping for next holiday season

BERNARDSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The day after Christmas…and shoppers are once again sniffing out a bargain.

An American Express Survey found that December 26th shopping is actually expected to surpass Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

66% of respondents polled planned on shopping the day after Christmas, in comparison to 45% on Black Friday, and 47% on Cyber Monday.

Mick Kittredge, President and CEO of Kringle Candle Company, told 22News that his store in Bernardston is seeing just as much traffic as the week before Christmas, if not more. “People are really coming out for the great deals. You know we’ve got up to 75% off on some select candles and 50% all of our holiday and decor items so it’s a really good opportunity for people to come out and get a good savings.”

Some people are even shopping for next holiday season, this holiday. And some restaurants are seeing the same increase in traffic, with people looking to use gift cards and get out of the house.

Chris Pappademas, head chef at The Farm Table told 22News, “We’re getting really busy right now. Just after Christmas, so you know today is a big day for shopping, and you know everybody is getting their gift cards and coming in, and getting the gifts that they really wanted to get for Christmas.”

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