Saying no to our kids with love and firmness

CHICOPEE, Mass. (MAss Appeal) -All kids need their daily dose of Vitamin “N”, yet some parents have a hard time with it. We are talking about the word “NO” with Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, Author, Family Therapist, Health and Wellness Executive.

Saying no to our kids with love and firmness

o Remember how much power you have in your child’s life.

o Note the two ways we can use power: “power with” and “power over.”

o Use your power as love and responsibility (power with) instead of domination (power over).

o Keep in mind that children don’t know what they don’t know-often, they are not “misbehaving,” they’re just behaving.

o It’s your job to teach reasonable limits and good judgment.

o Explain the difference between wants and needs.

o Prepare in advance for potential “I want it!” situations.

o Act like a vending machine, not a slot machine: say no once and stick to it.

o Refuse to participate in power struggles.

o Stay positive even when disagreeing / saying no.

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