Renovations to Springfield’s Union Station are still on track

Union Station has been closed since 1972

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – MassDOT leaders toured Springfield’s Union Station Friday morning. The future train and bus depot for the city is still on track to open in late 2016.

Union Station has been closed since 1972. Renovations were proposed in 1988, and after years of delays, the project is close to being done.

Springfield’s Economic Development Director Kevin Kennedy told 22News that they are still in negotiations to move the Peter Pan Buses across the street to Union Station. An important piece of this $85-million project.

“They’re negotiating with us for bus bays to move their operations over here,” Kennedy said. “Their corporate facilities is an entirely different matter that was never one of their promises.”

MGM gave the city the option to lease space in Union Station or pay the city $500,000 for 15 years.  Kennedy said the city is choosing the $7.5-million.

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