Drone captures breathtaking view of Cuba

(CNN) – At the filming of a music video in Havana, the crew gets a little help from above.

You don’t see this very often here. Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are virtually nonexistent in Cuba.

The island’s secretive government isn’t a fan of flying cameras and tells tourists and visiting journalists they can’t bring them to the island. But for the first time a group of Cuban techies who had been building their own drones received government permission to fly them throughout Cuba.

The results have been breathtaking.

“Everyone, Cuban or foreigner, as soon as they see the video, their first reaction is always the same: Wow!”

They’re allowed to film hotels and attractions to help promote the island’s growing tourism industry.

Their cameras have captured an until now unseen Cuba; images from above of a classic 1950’s car traveling down the Havana sea front, residents of old Havana watching life go by from their apartment balconies, the tile rooftops of a small colonial town in the Cuban countryside.

Pilot Alejandro Perez de la Cruz shows off the first models of the aircraft that they built from parts brought from China or that they themselves invented.

“We experimented with different types of propellers and motors. It took us years.”

Years of research now paying off as clients line up to have them film events like this massive concert on the Havana Sea.

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