Pet of the Week: Travis Barker

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Meet Mass Appeal’s pet of the week!

Here’s Travis Barker!  How cute is this fella?  He’s a 4-month kitten who is that great mix of sassy and sweet.  Just like all other Dakin kitten adoptees, he comes with an assortment of essentials: rabies vaccine, neuter surgery, leukemia testing, distemper/upper respiratory vaccine, worming, flea treatment, ear mite treatment, safety collar and ID, plus MICROCHIP.  He’s ready to come home for the holidays and warm your heart!

  • Breed:  Cat
  • Age:    4 months old
  • Sex:     Male
  • Color:  Gray

Dakin Humane Society
171 Union Street, Springfield
(413) 781-4000

163 Montague Road, Leverett
(413) 548 – 9898

Holiday Gift-Giving – Lots of people seek to honor loved ones with donations at this time of year, and providing a gift to Dakin Humane Society is a terrific way to honor people who love to help animals (or honor an animal, for that matter!).  Please visit, click on “Donate” and “Give in Honor or Memory” and you can make your gift online in just a couple of minutes.  We’ll send you a link to print out a notification to present to the honoree in time for the holidays!

Gift Adoptions for the Holidays – Good Idea or No?

  • Keep the pet choice appropriate for the person.  You don’t want to give a six-month old German Shepherd puppy to your grandmother, or bring a fluffy kitten into a house where someone has an allergy (if you didn’t check beforehand).
  • Here are some myths and realities:
  • Myth:  Gift adoptions will result in the dumping of incompatible animals on animal shelters.
  • Reality:  Research shows that animals received as gifts are actually less likely than animals acquired by other means to be relinquished by their caretakers. In fact, it is unusual for Dakin to receive an animal as the result of a gift gone awry.
  • Myth:  The Christmas holiday is stressful and hectic in everyone’s life.
  • Reality:  Not everyone celebrates Christmas. And not everyone’s household is Grand Central Station during this time of year. Many people stay home with only their immediate family or one or two other guests. Lots of people have a great deal of time off during the holiday. This may actually be the perfect time to introduce a new animal!
  • Myth:  Gift adoptions are based on impulse buying.
  • Reality:  Many people put a great deal of thought into the gifts they give (remember, the thought does count!). Besides, people acquire animals for themselves on impulse all the time.  Good adoption counseling should help to identify and prevent impulse buying.
  • Myth:  The gift recipient needs to be involved in the adoption process.
  • Reality:  This is true…to a point. Certainly matching many dogs may rely on some pre-adoption introductions to other family members (or the family dog) to ensure everyone gets along. But some cats and kittens may be successfully adopted as a surprise for other family members who want a feline companion.




If you’re interested in adopting any of the pets seen on Mass Appeal, or want more information on any of the pets available at the Dakin Humane Society, you can call them at 781-4000 or visit

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