Will Tuesday’s debate be Jeb Bush’s last?

(AP Photo/Mic Smith)

WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – The final Republican debate of the year could be the last chance Jeb Bush has to turn his poll numbers around from the slide he’s faced since the beginning of spring.

The former Florida governor has failed to gain momentum from Republican primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The latest polls show Jeb Bush far behind the competition. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, released two days before the debate, showed Bush wasn’t able to jump ahead of less traditional candidates including Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

Trump: 27%
Cruz: 22%
Rubio: 15%
Carson: 11%
Bush: 7%

On the ground in New Hampshire

Bush is spending lots of time in the first primary state to vote: New Hampshire. Last week, Bush held a town hall in an effort to connect with GOP voters while also hosting rallies across the state. He’s often asked about Donald Trump or his own campaign strategy but has been stepping up his efforts to prove himself as a leader against ISIS and homegrown terrorism.




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