Twitter issuing warning after accounts hacked

Hackers may have been trying to access e-mail addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Twitter sent an email to some users warning them that hackers may have targeted their accounts. Since Twitter is mostly public, they believe the hackers have been trying to gain access to personal information.

Users are asked to enter passwords, email addresses, and even phone numbers when they create a social media account. If your account is hacked, all of that information could be compromised.

Mark Lane of West Springfield told 22News he has personal information on his social media pages, but he wouldn’t worry if it became public. “You could get my telephone number, my email address, stuff like that; probably some of my work history, but I’m not really that concerned about someone having the information.”

There’s nearly a billion Twitter accounts in total, but the company said only “a small number” of those accounts were affected by the hack.

If you think your Twitter account has been compromised, CLICK HERE.

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