Star Wars lightsaber fitness class

Star Wars is released this week

NEW YORK (CNN) – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is almost here. The big premiere happens Monday night in Los Angeles.

It’s the first new installment in the Star Wars franchise since Disney bought “Lucas film” in 2012.

New Yorkers are well known for some pretty crazy workout trends and now you can take lessons in being a Jedi knight. The first rule of Jedi School know how to handle your weapon.

“Why do you think I have my strike at an angle like this, slide it down,” said Daniel Reiser, Instructor, New York Jedi.

Every Thursday at this lightsaber fitness class in Manhattan, Star Wars fans get to sweat it out in character.

Practicing moves just like the lightsaber battles from the movies. Though perhaps not quite to that level yet.

Instructor Daniel Reiser, a special education teacher, has been doing this for 8 years.

“Where’s the fun of just simply watching something, I mean you look at say a football fan, a lot of them are never going to be an NFL player but they’re going to go in the back yard and throw that football around. It’s the same thing but instead of footballs we have lightsabers. It’s a way of becoming part of something that we truly love,” said Resier.

By day these Jedi’s in training are a legal assistant, to a kitchen designer. By night, they are united by one thing.

“It’s a visceral gut feeling, it just feels satisfying to pick up one of these and all of a sudden you are a Jedi Knight, you are a Sith Lord,” said Russ Briggeman.

Star Wars has inspired a type of fandom that goes way beyond a love of watching the movies. Fans like these have to experience it and to really understand why, so do I.

Luckily I’ve been practicing my in-jokes.

(Clare Sebastian, Reporter) “You don’t have a really bad feeling about this.”

(Luke Skywalker) “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

(Daniel Reiser, Instructor, New York Jedi) “I always have a really bad feeling about this, which still doesn’t stop me.”

(Clare Sebastian, Reporter) “One, two, three, four five.”

Whatever your skill level, this group has one core philosophy.

(Daniel Reiser, Instructor, New York Jedi) “Once a Jedi, always a Jedi.”

(Clare Sebastian, Reporter) “So I think I’ve finally seen the light as to what it takes to be a true Star Wars fan. So really, there’s only one thing left to say”

(WHOLE ROOM) “Jedi! May the force be with you!”

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