Millions of holiday packages being processed in Springfield

22News went inside Springfield’s USPS Distribution Center

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Whether you’re sending or receiving a holiday package, you need to track it every step of the way. 22News went inside the Postal Service processing center tonight to see how your packages are sent, and what you need to do to make sure they get where you send them, on time.

Before they go under the tree, your packages come to the Springfield Network Distribution Center, where packages are processed to and from New England. Monday marks the busiest shipping day of the year, as most people have finished their holiday shopping and are ready to send the gifts to their destinations.

The Springfield Network Distribution Center is the largest package processing center in New England. Just this weekend, they’ve processed more than 857,000 packages. But come this Christmas, they’ll have processed more than 6.5 million packages.

For a Package to be processed, you have to do your part. Duane Lariviere, plant manager of the Springfield NDC, told 22News it’s crucial to have, “Legible handwriting, preferably pre-printed labels. I can’t stress strongly enough to ship early. However, for priority mail, we have until Monday of next week to get it home by Christmas.”

USPS suggests “premium shipping” if you send items after December 18th.

And if you’re receiving a package, make sure you get the tracking number. “The tracking number is like gold,” says USPS spokeswoman Christine Dugas.” And check it often, because it can change. People think, ‘Gee, we’re having great weather in New England, we shouldn’t have any delayed packages.’ But if those packages are coming from the Northwest, we could have delayed packages because clearly, bad weather affects airlines.”

People can steal packages off your  doorstep if you’re not home. You can reroute a package to be sent at a time when you’re home, to your work, or to a neighbor.

Some USPS locations will remain open on Sundays during the holiday season:

  • Amherst: Open 12pm – 5pm
  • Easthampston: Open 12pm – 5pm
  • East Longmeadow: Open 12pm – 5pm
  • Northampton: Open 12pm – 5pm
  • Pittsfield: 12pm – 5pm
  • Attleboro: 12pm – 5pm

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