Hidden holiday pet dangers

(WKYC) The holidays are a time to enjoy tasty treats, but those same foods often contain hidden dangers for your pets.

Dr. Jeff Richman, of the Richman Animal Clinic in Richmond Heights, Ohio offers a list of suggestions to keep animals safe throughout the holiday season.


  • Anything containing artificial sweeteners, especially Xylitol. It’s been found to be potentially deadly to pets when ingested. Keep all sweets out of reach.
  • Chocolate, especially baking chocolate is toxic to dogs.
  • Grapes, raisins, fruitcake, mushrooms, sage and onions can also cause serious gastrointestinal problems in dogs and be potentially toxic.
  • Turkey skin, drippings, gravy and cause stomach problems that may require an unpleasant clean-up.
  • NEVER feed turkey bones or allow the animal to lick the twine. They can get lodged in the intestines and cause tears or ruptures.
  • Aluminum foil and twist ties may be fun for cats to play with but they can cause serious problems if ingested.
  • Overeating can cause gastro distress in pets. Make sure you remove temptation by securing garbage can lids and removing unattended plates.

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