Baby Jesus not present at Springfield nativity scene

Baby Jesus will be placed in stable on Christmas

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There is no Baby Jesus in the nativity scene at Court Square in Springfield, but it’s not the result of a crime or any sort of mischief.

22News received several calls and e-mails from viewers concerned that someone took the Baby Jesus from the creche. But 22News did some digging, and found that the statue had not been stolen- it just has not yet been incorporated into the exhibit.

Springfield Director of Parks and Recreation Patrick Sullivan told 22News that Baby Jesus isn’t added until Christmas Day.

Cynthia Fields of Springfield said that she can understand why people would think the statue was stolen.

“If it’s not up there with the rest of the statues, I would have assumed maybe somebody vandalized the nativity scene. Maybe they should put a sign up or something,” Fields said.

There is history for that kind of mischief. Nativity scenes are vandalized and damaged each year.

Last year, thieves stole a $3,000 Baby Jesus figure from the Town Common in Greenfield. That same year, vandals in Haverhill replaced a Baby Jesus statue with a bloody pig’s head.

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