Uber driver claims he was attacked on camera

All of the passengers were polite, except one

Photo Courtesy: CNN/WBZ

BOSTON, Mass. (CNN/WBZ) – It’s an Uber ride, gone bad, for one driver in Boston. An early morning pickup ends with him getting attacked. And it’s caught on video.

Abdul Aziz drives for Uber because he feels it’s safer. On Stuart Street, he picked up a group of people – five men and a woman.

All of the passengers were polite, except one named Andrew.

“He was arguing very badly and I said “I’m sorry, you are being very disrespectful, I can’t take you. Can you please get out from my car, said” Abdul Aziz.

Even the passenger in the front seat tries to get out, but Andrew tries to stop him.

Seconds later, as the others were trying to calm down Andrew, he attacked Aziz. Andrew has a beard and a grey sweater. And then he starts kicking Abdul’s minivan.

Bill Shields: “You must have been really frightened, because you have a group of guys here.”

Abdul Aziz: “yeah, one guy was threatening me…one guy. This is the Andrew.”

Abdul is originally from Bangladesh. He came here to raise his children as Americans.

Abdul Aziz: “I have two kids. I love this country. This country gave me to drive a brand new van, I like it I support my family. I am concerned, I am very concerned now.”

Uber has identified the alleged attacker in the video and is now banned from using the platform. Boston police have not filed charges.

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