Closing arugments in Chism trial set for Friday

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BOSTON (WCVB) – On Wednesday, we learned more about the mental state of a Massachusetts teen accused of raping and killing his math teacher and what the doctors for the prosecution had to say did not match up with the teen’s lawyer wants the jury to believe.

Prosecutors continued their argument in the Philip Chism trial Wednesday morning that the teenager has fake symptoms of mental illness following the rape and murder of his math teacher two years ago.

Neuropsychologist Dr. Nancy Hebben testified about her examination of Philip Chism. Several test that contain the 900 questions.

To protect the confidentiality of those testing tools used to test patients, the court room was closed for 15 minutes.

When the media, family and the public were allowed back in, the doctor discussed the report and determine he may have been exaggerating as a plea for help.

“The tests are specifically designed for feigning mental illness were both positive for feigning mental illness,” said Dr. Hebben.

“My opinion is that on the date of the alleged offense, Mr. Chism was not suffering from a mental disease or defect,” said Dr. Kinscherff, a Clinical Psychologist.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Robert Kinscherff then took the stand to discuss his findings after 13-hours with Chism. He testified although Chism may have been showing signs of distress or disturbance, neither impaired his capacity to distinguish right from wrong.

“It did not substantially impair his capacity to distinguish the wrongfulness or criminality of his act, to identify that, nor did it substantially impair his ability to conform his conduct to the requirements of law,” said Dr. Kinscherff.

When they do get the case, the jury will have to decide if Chism was hearing voices the day he killed and raped Colleen Ritzer, and if the voices he claimed were enough to make him criminally insane.

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