Fort Hill Brewery responds to noise complaints

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Beer is brewing at the Fort Hill Brewery in Easthampton, but so is a controversy. Noisy neighbor complaints from nearby residents who say the music and machinery is too loud.

“Even the land owner who sold him the property stated in public, to the boards that he could hear the music up on the mountain. Now he’s about a quarter of a mile from the brewery, so if he can hear it, how do you think we feel?” said Bob Pietraszkiewicz, who lives across from the brewery. “We’re not trying to shut him down, we’re just trying to make things easier for all of us.”

On Wednesday, the only noise at the brewery was the sound of cleaning. Head Brewer Eric Berzins told 22News they limit live music on the patio to between 3-6 o’clock and have made a positive impact on the local economy since opening just over a year ago.

“We have certainly brought some jobs. Most of our employees live in one of the Hamptons so we are employing local young people and are trying to make some delicious beer,” said Berzins.

Kristen Delancey, a Marketing Assistant at Fort Hill Brewery told 22News, “I think when Eric started this brewery, he really wanted it to be a positive force within the community and it definitely makes me sad that not everyone feels that way.”

Fort Hill Brewery says they are trying to be a good neighbor not only through words, but through actions. By the first of the year they hope to introduce a new lager that will affectionately be called, ‘love thy neighbor.’

Fort Hill says they’ll be making improvements, including a new Plexiglas sound barrier, paving their driveway and a 25 space parking lot. Fort Hill says for the winter, they’ll be playing their music inside the bar, instead of out on the patio.

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