CT teen behind gun-shooting drone, makes flamethrower drone

The new video, shows a drone with a flamethrower attached roasting a turkey.

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CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) — The 19-year-old Clinton teen, Austin Haughwout, made national headlines earlier this year when he posted a video of a homemade drone firing a handgun.

The new video, posted on Haughwout’s YouTube page on Monday, shows a drone with a flamethrower attached roasting a turkey. The video says, “This is how to roast your holiday turkey.”

The four minute long video shows several camera angles of the drone roasting the turkey in what looks like a wooded backyard area.

News 8 reached out to Clinton Police Sgt. J. Dunn for a statement on the incident:

Your email to me is the first time that I have heard of this latest development involving the young man you mentioned. I just spoke with my Deputy Chief John Carbone (my immediate supervisor) regarding your request for comment, and after speaking with him it was decided we (Clinton PD) have no comment on this matter, at this time.

The FAA investigated and ultimately ruled that the gun-shooting drone did not break any laws. It is unclear if the FAA or local law enforcement will open an investigation into this new incident.

But, some drone advocates say Haughwout’s actions are careless and irresponsible, and are hoping legislators will take notice and perhaps change the rules.

“Anyone who does anything of this nature or a similar nature is operating unsafely and irresponsibly, and I certainly would not condone it and I would certainly chastise it as would any responsible operator,” said drone advocate Peter Sachs.

News 8 spoke with Haughwout’s father who said the flame throwing turkey roast was done safely. He said there were buckets of water, fire extinguishers, and hoses nearby. He also said the area had been cleared of extra leaves prior to firing the drone up.

Sachs said it appears this latest use of a drone could violate FAA regulations that state it is illegal to operate an aircraft carelessly and recklessly in a way that can endanger the life or property of another.

“It could very well have created a much larger fire that might very well have endangered the life or property of another,” said Sachs.

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