Be careful when using space heaters and candles

Capt. Cerruti: Give the space heater some room to breathe

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Winter and the holiday season bring with it increased fire dangers. This week alone, there were two fires in two days in western Massachusetts.

A house fire in Ware, Wednesday morning, was caused by a candle left unattended, and in Holland, Tuesday night, a house went up in flames because of a space heater that was left on too long.

Holyoke Fire Capt. Anthony Cerruti told 22News, “We ask people to use caution when they use those space heaters; give the heater some room to breathe and place it 3 feet from any combustibles. We hear stories from people accidently throwing blankets on top of them, and they forget the heaters are there.”

Another item known to cause fires is Christmas trees. Captain Cerruti recommends making sure your tree is always watered and using lights that are approved for Christmas trees. If a Christmas tree does catch fire, it can become fully engulfed within seconds.

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