WNEU holds active shooter training for students

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Lessons learned from Wednesday’s mass murder in San Bernardino became part of active shooter survival training at Western New England University Thursday.

Life-saving information, put in practice Thursday at Western New England University. The school’s public safety director Adam Woodrow advised student leaders what to do if bullets ever start flying on campus; how to react, how to survive.

WNEU junior Pat O’Brien said, “It’s good to be prepared, it’s good to know what can possibly happen. Obviously you hope it never does, but your best line of defense, obviously, is going to be prepared.”

Active shooter training required the students to learn life saving techniques.

“If you hear a bullet, you might not know what it sounds like because not everyone knows what that sounds like, you don’t hear shots in everyday life.”

As a result of the San Bernadino tragedy, Chief Woodrow’s survival course urged students to be more aware, and to take note of anything out of the ordinary.

“Someone always knows something,” said Chief Woodrow. “And looking back, people have realized there was something different about someone or a situation, that had it been reported early enough, maybe, maybe not, could have stopped that situation from taking place altogether.”

In the coming weeks, Chief Woodrow and these student leaders hope to have all 2,500 students on the Western New England university campus receive the active shooter survival training.

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