Secret Service report finds shortfalls

(NBC News) A Congressional oversight committee is slamming the United States Secret Service for falling down on the job.

Among their offenses: Partying with prostitutes on overseas trip, failing to stop a fence jumper who ran into the White House and allowing a man with a gun in the same elevator with the president.

When a Connecticut man vaulted over the fence at the White House on Thanksgiving Day it was just the latest in a long series of embarrassments for the agency.

The bipartisan report reveals previously undisclosed breaches and security lapses that could have endangered President Obama.

“They had a lot of people with guns near the president that the Secret Service didn’t know had guns. How does that happen?” asks Utah’s Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

The report blames devastating budget cuts for leaving the agency understaffed and overworked, and calls on the president himself to push for urgent changes.

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