Northampton City Council votes to welcome Syrian refugees

President Obama has committed to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a controversial idea that received a lot of support Thursday night.  The Northampton City Council passed a Refugee Resolution.

Northampton City Councilor Alisa Klein told 22News, “This does kind of open us up to welcoming refugees, if in fact it is suggested that they come to Northampton.”

President Obama has committed to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees. Governor Charlie Baker doesn’t like the idea; “No I am not interested in accepting refugees from Syria.”

There’s been a lot of opposition. One of the attackers in the Paris massacres entered Europe as a Syrian refugee, putting many people on edge.

On top of that, one Northampton resident argued we need to first take care of our own citizens who are struggling; “No government funds should go to any refugee over the citizens who are struggling each and every day to find employment here.”

Regardless of personal opinion, this resolution doesn’t carry much weight. According to City Council President Bill Dwight, “The city doesn’t actually have the authority to dictate who comes here, or when they come here, or where they will go.”

Those decisions are ultimately up to the federal government.

If you want to read the refugee resolution in full, CLICK HERE.
If you want to let Northampton know how you feel about the resolution, CLICK HERE.

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