Jury visits key locations in Chism murder trial

Chism was not along for the ride and he asked not to be in court Friday

(CNN) – More testimony expected Thursday in the case of a Massachusetts teen accused of killing his teacher. Wednesday, the jury in the Philip Chism case visited the school where the murder took place.

The Philip Chism murder trial went mobile, headed to the high school where prosecutors say he raped and killed his 9th grade math teacher, 24 year old Colleen Ritzer.

At Danvers High, jurors saw the halls he’s seen roaming on surveillance the day of the murder. Attorneys planned to show Ritzer’s classroom, the bathroom from which prosecutors say he pulled Ritzer out in a recycling barrel. They went behind the school, prosecutors pointing to his movements…to the wooded trail where Ritzer’s body was discovered, and the field house where surveillance shows Chism leave in a fresh change of clothes.

The bus drove by other key spots, the BJ’s where surveillance showed him steal a knife after the murder. The theater where he was seen using Ritzer’s credit card to buy a ticket. The gas station he was seen walking in and out of.

Before this, the jury began in the courtroom. Testimony from a girl who heard Ritzer ask Chism to stay after school before the murder.

Dr. Anthony Jackson, adolescent psychiatrist said, “Depressive state of major depression and the other was a brief transient psychotic episode.”

Chism was not along for the ride and he asked not to be in court Friday. Jurors won’t be here either, while attorneys question another psychiatrist to determine if that doctor should also be in the trial.

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