Self-gifting on the rise as holidays near

Americans average $132 of self-gifting

(CNN) – Forget naughty or nice. Americans no longer wait for Santa or Hanukkah Harry to bring presents.

Why wait for the gift you want?

Instead, the National Retail Federation says nearly 60 percent of people are self-gifting, or buying themselves presents.

Stores noticed, and are starting to cater to people wanting to pick up a little something for themselves. Many retailers now offer rewards cards to shoppers who buy specific things or spend a certain amount.

In order to get those perks, shoppers may buy something extra for themselves.

According to the National Retail Federation, this holiday season, Americans plan to spend on average about $800. That’s the same number as last year.

But of that chunk of change, the amount people set aside for themselves has gone up. On average, it’s about $132, showing that people are spending more on themselves.

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