How to keep your holiday packages from being stolen

Police recommend installing a surveillance camera or keeping a light on the porch

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – Police say while you’re holiday shopping, thieves are holiday stealing.

“They’re putting some effort into it that’s for sure,” said Waterbury Police’s Deputy Chief Fred Spagnolo. In the Waterbury Overlook neighborhood, they caught one crook riding a bike a few weeks ago taking packages right off front door steps.

“Other neighbors in our neighborhood noticed this going on, followed him a little bit,” said Yonah Fishman. Eli Shore said, “We stopped him and ultimately he stole packages from the area. As soon as we stopped him he dropped the packages. He dropped his bike and tried running away.”

To prevent this situation in the first place, police have some ideas.

“Most of the delivery services offer a text notification process,” said Spagnolo.

He recommends signing up for those text alerts and asking a neighbor to watch the house if you’re not going to be home. If you can, get things shipped to work. Also police recommend installing a surveillance camera or keeping a light on the porch. Waterbury police say they’ve spoke to delivery service about switching up their routes.

Spagnolo said, “[It’s] to try to mix things things up a little bit and kinda change their routine.” He also recommends installing surveillance cameras. It’s just one proactive way the Overlook neighborhood is protecting themselves.

“People are looking out for each other more talking to their mailmen, the Fed-Ex guy, the UPS guy. They all know now to be aware of this,” said Fishman.

“We look out for each other and if you come here and you’re going to do crime, you’re going to get caught,” Shore said.

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